What are the types of errors occurring in Roku?

Errors occur at different stages of connection and many such errors mainly are due to an improper association of cable or network. To clear out all this, one needs to give proper connectivity and moreover, there are many types of errors codes that pop up while the Roku is functioning.

Roku won’t connect to WiFi

Some of them being,

  1. Error code 001
  2. Code 003
  3. Error 009
  4. Roku Error 011
  5. Roku Error code 014

And one of this being the Roku won’t connect to WiFi, where the connection has either been terminated or the router is not able to give its signal to the TV.

Codes occurring due to connectivity

The few errors that occur due to connection, be it cables or internet, are mostly due to the wired networks

If you want to solve the connectivity problems then follow the upcoming article

These types of errors codes are the result of connections. Main ones are 003, 009, 011, and 0014

To clear out all these follow down the steps that are given below in detail. These will help your figure why these errors occur and how to solve the same. The error 0014 is Roku won’t connect to WiFi module.

Error Code 003:

  • This error pops out when the device tries to update and fails, various reason can be a cause of this
  • In order to solve it check your internet connectivity first
  • All the network connections must be intact for a download to take place

Error Code 009:

  • This error is a sub-division of the above occurring error
  • The main cause is the internet connectivity
  • It can be both Ethernet and it can be wireless (WiFi) network as a reason

Error Code 0014:

  • Disconnect all the power and cable
  • Reconnect all connection back and change the network you want it connected with
  • This shows that the Roku won’t connect to WiFi when the signal has been cut-off


  • There can be multiple reasons that the WiFi connection is not able to reach out to the TV’s area
  • This could be a problem of the location where you have placed the home device
  • Try to keep it at changed positions
  • If this is not the problem then the issue can be with the router that you have
  • Try changing the Router to a higher bandwidth, this will allow the WiFi to reach to all parts of your home

Indications of WIFI Problems

  1. Connection does not reach the home TV
  2. Signal strength of Router is low
  3. Cables of the Router misplaced
  4. Internet connection is down
  5. ADSL has not yet received connection

All of these problems show that the 0014 Error Code to pop up on the TV screen which indicate Roku won’t connect to WiFi, all the while you are trying to stream content. Re-fix the Roku device and still the error might show up, in which case, reach our Roku customer service phone number. Toll-free +1-844-389-1400

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