Roku Streaming Stick Setup

The most convenient streaming device, the Roku Streaming Stick, is all that you need to stay entertained wherever you are.

  • Roku is the streaming device which can be setup on a TV for convenience at home/hotels or anywhere
  • The device has three kinds in its edition, and all 3 can be setup in a similar fashion
  • The only important thing will be the internet
  • If you have a net connection the Roku can be connected in a wireless mode
  • Even before you make a wireless connection, always be sure that there are no interferences

Roku Streaming Stick Setup

Basic Setup of a Roku

Achieve connection and always move through the manual that came along with the device

  • Unpack the whole device
  • Connect it as mentioned in the guide
  • Read from for better knowledge about the product
  • Always keep the device powered up to a source
  • Choose the network connection beforehand
  • TV must be powered to a steady supply


  • There are two ways that the Roku streaming device can be set up
  • They are both a useful way to hook the device to a net connection
  • Without a steady internet, it will be difficult for the user to have any streaming done
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • WiFi connection


  • The Roku streaming stick setup is easy to carry out
  • First, you should setup Roku to your home device
  • Perform this by following the simple guides given in your Roku manual
  • The setting up of a Roku stick turns out to be very easy
  • When the connections are all made, just do the basic steps as said
  • Once you are familiar with that, the detailed steps will help you get a steady connection
  • Link the streaming device to TV (through HDMI)
  • Power on the TV and select your Roku
  • Pick the network your TV is currently running on
  • Then power up the device and start streaming
  • While doing the above, watch for the Activation code
  • This code will allow you to log into the Roku streaming stick and select shows
  • Do through a tab or PC, the activation has few simple steps to feed in
  • Get the code, feed it in a tile of TV and start streaming


  • First, pick your AV connection for the TV
  • Once that is completed, select the type of network
  • While at it, select whichever home Network/WiFi you need
  • This action will determine the Roku streaming stick setup to be done through a wireless process
  • If you get any doubts on doing this process, then call to us on the toll-free number

To set up your Roku streaming device with, you can either visit Roku customer service phone number or dial our toll-free number +1-844-389-1400

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