Why Should you call Roku Customer Service ?

Roku is an amazing device with lots of entertainment options ranging from sports to movies, news to travel etc. It is evident that there are more than 2000 channels in your Roku device. Though Roku with latest and robust technologies tries to provide the best experience, there is always a possibility of finding some faults, errors or difficulty in activation of the device or channels. That’s the reason it is strongly advisable to call Roku Customer Service.

Roku Customer Service Phone Number

Roku Customer Service Phone Number

We are highly energetic and technically sound with Roku products and its technology of how it operates. The strong expertise team with wide experience helps you find the right solution within a quick time. Our live chat support adds a feather to our service. One things that separates us from others is our 24×7 support services.

Roku Customer Service Phone Number  – tel:+1-844-511-6900

We have been guiding and helping customers to setup their device, Roku account setup, fixing wireless connectivity issues, Roku channel activation, Roku activation issues, Roku error codes, playback issue with Roku TV for a very long time. Not only that, our friendly approach towards customers have gained strong relationship over the years. Roku Customer Service is an art and we are glad to have mastered it.

Roku Customer Service benefits :

  • 24×7 dedicated customer support through phone and live chat
  • Quick response time
  • Strong expertise in Roku products
  • Roku guided solutions

Roku Hardware Issues.

It is unarguably so frustrating when you want to watch your favourite shows on Netflix and you face issues in your Roku Device. At Roku Customer Service, we provide the best assistance in understanding the scope of the issue and run few tests to check whether the hardware is functioning properly. Then we diagnose and guide the necessary instructions in resolving the issue.

What to do if your Roku Streaming Player power does not ON

Most of the Roku streaming players are connected to a wall power outlet with the help of a power adapter that comes with device at the time of your purchase.

  • Roku Streaming Stick®
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Go Roku Express
  • Roku Express+
  • Go Roku Premiere (not supported on model 4620 released in 2016)
  • Roku Premiere+ (not supported on model 4630 released in 2016)

When connected to a power outlet

  • It is very important to only use the power adapter that comes with device. Even if the adapter used by any other Roku player is used, there is a high chance that your Roku Player does not power ON.
  • Remove the power adapter from the socket and attach it again securely to the Roku device along with the wall power outlet.
  • Try to use a different power outlet to connect the power adapter.
  • If you had used a power strip ( power extension chord ) to connect the Roku player, kindly unplug it and connect the power adapter to a wall power outlet.
  • Now check the light.

At the same time, there are Roku players listed below that can be powered from the USB port on a compatible TV. Call our Roku Customer Service Phone number for dedicated support.

How do I fix Roku error code 009? ( Can’t connect to Internet )

Roku error code 009 usually occurs when the Roku player is not able to connect to the internet.

  • Check whether the router is working properly
  • Connect your home internet with a mobile device or a computer and access the website roku.com/link. If the website is properly displayed, then the router is functioning perfectly by providing the internet access.
  • Unable to connect to internet, restart your roku device and the router
  • Roku Error code 009 stills exists in spite of proper internet connection, restart the router and contact your ISP or router vendor for instructions.

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