Resolve Roku remote not working

Is your Roku remote not working? In today’s date, the Roku streaming device plays a vital role in the world of entertainment.  However, you can operate the Roku streaming device with the help of two kinds of remote controller. The Roku remote plays an important role in controlling the Roku streaming player. However, Roku remote not working is a common problem faced by maximum users. Do not panic. Follow some tips and tricks to troubleshoot the issue.

Types of Roku remote

There are two types of Roku remote that are listed below.
• Standard IR remote
• Enhanced remote

Roku remote does not have a pairing button

In any case if you find the IR Roku remote does not have a pairing button, do not worry. You cannot locate any pairing button under the battery compartment of the IR Roku remote. However, you can easily detect a Roku pairing button on the Roku Enhanced remote.

Troubleshoot Roku IR remote issues

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot the issues if the Roku remote not working.
• The first step is restarting your Roku streaming player as well as the Roku remote controller. Remove all the batteries after opening the battery compartment. Additionally, eliminate the power cable from the Roku streaming player and wait for a few seconds. Start reconnecting the power cable along with the Roku device. Put the batteries in your Roku IR remote and wait until the Roku remote acquires a network with the Roku streaming player.
• It is advisable to replace the old batteries with new ones if the Roku remote not working.
• The best way to troubleshoot the Roku remote issues is by replacing the remote controller and purchasing a new remote which is compatible with the Roku streaming player.

Roku Streaming Stick remote

Connecting the Roku device to your TV directly to an HDMI port can cause an impact on the performance of the Roku Streaming Stick remote. It is advisable to move the Roku device from the HDMI connector on your TV. This can be done by downloading an extension cable for connecting the Roku Streaming Stick device to the TV. You can always take the help of the customer service agents if you come across any problems.

Online Roku remote

Control your Roku streaming player with the help of Roku remote online. You can find the Roku mobile app in Google Play Store and App Store for free. Moreover, you can use the Roku mobile application as a Roku remote. Select the Roku streaming player from the discovery screen. The screen will pop up as soon as you download and launch the Roku application. It is mandatory for the Roku streaming device to use a private IP address.

Roku remote loses connection

If the Roku remote loses connection, pair the Roku remote back again by pressing the pairing button which is situated under the battery compartment. This will pair your Roku remote with your Roku device and acquire the connection.

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