Roku TV wireless speakers troubleshooting

If you want to get a theatrics experience in your home, you can just buy a pair of Roku TV wireless speakers which will provide a complete and rich audio quality.

Most common issues you will face while using the Roku TV Wireless speakers

  1. Echoes while playing audio
  2. Difference in volume
  3. Can’t hear any audio
  4. Only one speaker plays audio
  5. Audio clicks or pops
  6. Sound ceases occasionally
  7. Sound synchronization issues

To resolve Audio playback issues on your Roku TV Wireless Speakers, you can just follow the steps given below. If you connect the Roku TV wireless speakers with other TVs or Roku streaming player, it will definitely not work.

Can’t hear any audio

  • During the initial setup of Roku TV wireless speakers, the speakers in TV will disable by default. If you hear audio from your television, then it can be assumed that the wireless speakers are disabled.
  • In such cases, you need to check LED light status and the LED will flash if your speakers are connected.
  • Go to the Settings menu on Roku TV and follow the steps below if the status LED is on and not flashing.
  • Click the Home button, scroll to find Settings and tap Remotes & Devices to look out for Speakers (L) and (R) under My paired devices to check whether the Speakers are connected.

Echoes while playing audio

  • Listening to your Roku TV wireless speakers and all of a sudden you hear echoes is definitely not a good sign.
  • Try resetting the speakers and Roku TV to eliminate the issues using the steps mentioned below.

Difference in volume

  • There will be so much difference in movies and television audio. However, you can utilize the volume modes which allows you to hear crystal quality sounds.
  • While playing your favorite song, just click the Star button to enable volume mode available in the options menu.

These are the most common issues that users have to deal with while using the Roku TV Wireless Speakers and the troubleshooting tips are given above for the specific issues. However, you can also use the common troubleshooting tips mentioned below if none of the previous steps work out.

Reset the devices

  • Get rid of the power cables from the Roku TV and wireless speakers
  • Wait for a few minutes and set those connections again in a proper manner
  • Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote and click the Settings option
  • Tap on System > Power > System Restart > Restart
  • Also, click the Reset button which is available on the rear of your speakers

Factory Reset

  • To do the Factory reset, you have to press and hold the Reset button for nearly ten seconds
  • You can also factory reset the Roku speakers from Roku interface
  • Just go to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Speaker (L) > Factory reset
  • Repeat the same procedure given above for the Speaker (R) too.

Find out the simple steps to troubleshoot your Roku TV wireless speakers  when you bump into issues like echoes while playing audio, difference in volume, can’t hear any audio, sound ceases occasionally and more. Visit  Roku Customer Support Phone Number or call our toll-free number  +1-844-511-6900

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