Roku TV Setup guide will have the instructions for the device setup and if you have a Roku TV model at your home refer the guide before you start the setup. Roku introduces different TV models and you are free to choose the one that can offer you better features and specifications. Check out the reviews to identify the top model.

Once you get the device start to execute the preliminary setup steps. Connect any of the streaming device models to stream the channels that you like. Though the Roku TV models vary the setup steps are almost the same

If you are really bored with your day to day job routine streaming your favorite programs is the best to relax. The good part is that the updated features always offer you quality output

What is Roku TV

Roku introduces latest TV models to its streaming device platform and include TCL 8, 6, 5 and I series, TCL 55 4K and a lot more. Every TV model offers unique features and specifications and the customers prefer to buy it. Start your search to find the best one

How to Setup your Roku TV?

Roku TV Setup

  • Roku TV setup guide is simple and you can read it before you proceed with the setup
  • Insert the power cable to power up your device and switch it on
  • Then slide the HDMI cable to one end of the streaming device
  • And the other end to the TV that you use
  • Now switch it on and the preliminary settings will be always visible on your device display screen
  • You are free to choose the required display and language that you like
  • Selecting the wireless option will connect the device to the network and will start to download the compatible device software
  • Finally, you can move to the channel store and add the latest Roku channels to stream it on your Roku TV

For Customers Who Are Stuck with Roku TV Setup Errors

For the customers who are stuck with Roku TV setup errors, we recommend referring the available troubleshooting guide and the steps always depend on the error type that pops up on your device

Get an idea of the latest Roku TV models that can offer you the top features and specifications. Complete the device setup and start streaming the top Roku channels that you like the most

Besides to get the support and guidance for Roku TV setup talk to our network team @ +1-844-389-1400 or Roku customer service phone number.

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