Striving amid the competitive streaming device markets, Roku always remains as a superlative brand by providing the best services to the users. Coming up with low price basic devices and streaming sticks to the high-cost premiere and Ultra devices, Roku never fails to meet the anticipation of all set of audiences.

Especially, as this streaming stick is a compact and easily portable, users prefer the Stick more than other rudimentary models. Despite its positive features, there are also some negative things with the Streaming Stick from Roku. Because of insufficient power or absence in getting strong network connectivity, the streaming stick might lag in performance and get interrupted while loading high-quality contents. In that situation, the user scouts out for only one answer to the question, ‘how to reset Roku streaming stick?’

Here we come up with some effective steps as an answer for the aboveRoku reset question.

How to Reset Roku Streaming Stick?

How To Reset Roku Streaming Stick

How To Reset Roku Streaming Stick

The answer is classified into two categories,

  • Soft Reset
  • Hard reset

Soft reset can be done for all the Roku streaming players, which means by remote navigation itself you can reset your player. Subsequently, the hard reset is accessible by pressing the reset button directly in the player. You can do this Hard reset option only on Roku streaming players other than the streaming sticks.

Soft Reset

  • Insert the Roku streaming stick firmly to your TV port and turn on your device and TV
  • If you are unable to connect directly to the port, then connect using the HDMI extender cable and use the power cord for the power outlet
  • Now, turn on the device, land on the Roku home menu
  • Scroll through the options and enter the settings menu
  • Under the settings, click ‘Advanced system settings’->factory reset
  • You will receive a four-digit code on your screen, and a prompt to enter that code
  • Enter that code in the provided field without any error and click the ‘ok’ button to reset
  • Follow the instructions, and your device will restart in a few minutes

Hard Reset

You can do the Hard reset option for other Roku players by locating the reset button in the player.

  • In the first place, locate the reset button in the streaming device
  • Press and hold that button for few seconds, until the device gets the reset
  • Just hold it until you get the Roku logo on your TV screen
  • By this way, without any navigation, you can do the Roku factory reset for your streaming player

Besides, for more questions about how to reset Roku streaming stick, just call our team by the toll-free number +1-844-389-1400 or visit Roku Customer Service Phone Number.

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