Roku Customer Support Phone Number

The Roku – a top-notch streaming device

Roku has been an amazing device since its launch. You can avail tons and tons of contents including the top channels like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, ShowTime, CBS All Access and more.Contact Roku Customer support Phone Number at +1-805-980-1700 to get professional help.

While the above-mentioned channels are paid, you can also access amazing contents on free channels like Pluto TV, Crackle, YouTube, Tubi TV, PBS, Crunchyroll and more.

Roku Customer Service

Whether you want to setup the Roku streaming device or eradicate issues that you are facing in the device, you just have to contact the Roku tech support. Our Roku support team who have hands-on experience will help you out to get rid of the troubles that you are dealing with the streaming player. No matter what, it’s always our aim to provide Roku customer service to those who are having a hard time with the device. Roku customer service executives will provide assistance to setup the Roku device or install the channel and password reset/ recovery. If your Roku not working, just dial the Roku customer service phone number.

Roku Customer Support Phone Number

Contact Roku Customer Support Number +1-805-980-1700 for the step by step instructions to activate your Roku device and to troubleshoot all kind of Roku Issues.

How does Roku work?

If you wonder how Roku works, then read below to know about the streaming process in detail.

All you have to do is, connect the Roku player to the Ethernet or wireless network as the internet is an important requisite in Roku setup.

The video contents available on the web will be downloaded in the Roku device which will be transmitted to the television via Audio and video composite cables or an HDMI cable. Roku has its own operating system that supports the usual process and acts as an interface between your television and Roku device. Contact Roku Customer support Phone Number at +1-805-980-1700 to activate Roku Device.

Roku remote is the only important necessity to support your Roku player. Play, pause, resume and manage the volume with the help of Roku remote.

How to set up Roku?

Roku setup

For all Roku device models, the setup procedure remains the same. You need to complete three steps to set up your Roku player. The instructions given below will support you throughout the Roku setup or else contact Roku Customer Support Phone Number.

Roku Hardware setup

  1. Initially, connect the Roku device with the television using an HDMI cable or AV composite cable and plug in the power adapter to an electrical outlet.
  2. Power up your devices and check whether the Roku logo emerges on the TV screen to confirm the connectivity.
  3. You will also be prompted to finish the language setup, network connection, and display settings.
  4. Just follow the directives that appear onscreen and progress to the account creation.

Creating a Roku account – create Account

Navigate to and click “Create Account” to sign up. The first step is to enter the email address and password which you prefer for the Roku account.

  • The second step is to generate a Roku PIN which will safeguard your account by preventing unauthorized purchases on the Roku channel store.
  • Finish up the Roku account setup by providing the payment information. You can enter either the credit card or PayPal account details.

However, setting up the Roku PIN and including billing details is not mandatory. You can also skip these steps and complete the Roku account creation.

Contact Roku support Phone Number at +1-805-980-1700 to create Account

Linking Roku device – Roku com link Activation

You will find the Roku activation code on your television screen. Make a note of it and visit using your desktop or smartphone. Click Submit after entering the Roku link code and follow the onscreen prompts to conclude the device activation on a successful note.

Roku Product – Roku device models

The streaming devices are created with an objective that people from all walks of life should access it. Several device models with unique features are available at an affordable price. This makes it easy for people to purchase a model which suits their requirements without burning holes in their pocket.

If you are new to the streaming player usage, then Roku Express is an ideal choice for you. Get ready to stream high-quality videos using a device which is user-friendly.

Stream your favorite movies and shows with astonishing picture quality. Totally, Roku Ultra is an ultimate device with cutting-edge technology.

Roku stick is the model preferred by most of the official streamers. Vibrant picture quality and portability are the two features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Watch the movies and shows on Roku Premiere to acquire the best streaming experience. Technically speaking, Roku Premiere models has a fast quad-core processor and 802.11 ac dual-band wireless which offers a smooth and struggle-free access to your favorite channels.

The Roku Channel


This channel is a surprise package for the users and the best thing about the channel is, it is available for free. A good choice to stream some of the best movies like The Karate Kid, The Matrix Trilogy and more. If you are bored of watching the usual movies in both paid and free channel, don’t worry. The Roku Channel will always be there to offer the best contents. Contact Roku Customer Support Phone Number to add your favorite Roku Channels.

Roku Mobile App

The Roku remote is not required if you have the Roku mobile app installed on your computer. Turn your smartphones into the Roku control center by downloading the app.

All you need is an Android device with 4.01 and above version or an Apple device with iOS 6.0 or higher versions. Check whether the Roku streaming has an updated software installed on it. Only Roku OS version 6.2 or later will support the Roku mobile app usage.

Roku Mobile App Issues

If you are using the mobile app for the very first time, you might have difficulties in connecting with your Roku streaming player. Here is what you can do to eradicate the issue.

  • Click on the Home button and select Settings option under which you will find the System menu. Tap on Advanced System settings to select the External Control option. You need to choose either Default or Permissive option under the Network access menu to connect with the mobile app.
  • Make sure you connect the Roku streaming player and the mobile device on the same Ethernet or wireless network as it is very important to hook up the devices on the same network.
  • Other than this, you should also ensure that your Roku player is not using a public IP address or Virtual Private Network which will hinder the connection between the streaming device and mobile app.

Still Facing issues Contact Roku Customer Support Phone Number @ +1-805-980-1700

Troubleshooting Roku ( Roku Customer Support Phone Number)

Roku not working

Many users will face the Roku power issue and the main cause of this issue is improper power connection. You will not come across this error if you use the original power adapter that was dispatched with your Roku device.

However, Roku streaming stick and a few Roku player models will make use of the USB port on the television. Verify your Roku device’s power status by checking the white light which is available in front of the device.

  • White light indicates that your device is getting sufficient power whereas a solid red light indicates overheating of the device.


  • If you see a flashing red light, it signifies an insufficient power supply to the Roku player.

Roku remote issues

Without using the Roku remote, it is hard to control your Roku streaming player. So, it is very important to keep your remotes away from troubles. If you come across any Roku remote issues, check out the steps given below to eradicate them in minutes.

Roku remote issues

Basically, Roku has two types of remote such as Standard IR and Enhanced remote.

  • A remote without pairing button is known as the standard IR remote and vice versa.
  • The steps given below will support you in troubleshooting both the remotes.
  • Get rid of the batteries and restart the Roku device clicking Settings > System > System Restart > Restart. After a few minutes, insert the batteries and also check whether the issue is resolved.

If the above step didn’t work out, try to replace the old batteries with the new ones. You can also replace the remote which can be purchased easily for a reasonable price. Contact Roku support to fix all kind of Roku Issues.

How to resolve Roku Error Codes ?

Here is the list of common error codes that you might witness while streaming channels on the Roku device.

Roku Error code 001

This error will usually arise when you try to activate the Roku channel.

Roku Error Code 003

This error denotes that your Roku device has an outdated software version. Try to update the software if error code 003 pops-up on the screen.

Roku Error code 014

If you are not able to connect with the internet, Roku device will throw the error code 014. Go to Settings option and choose Network menu to check the network status.

Roku Error code 009

This error signifies the lack of internet connection even after connecting the Roku streaming player to the router. Furthermore, restart the router, streaming player and television to overcome this issue.

Roku Error code 012

You will either witness the error message or slow internet connectivity which results in video buffering.

Roku error code 020

The television will display an “HDCP error detected” notification when the television does not support the HDCP. However, this is the purple screen error as the display will turn purple. At first, check whether your AVR supports HDCP by reading the technical specification of your television. Contact Roku tech support to resolve Roku Error Code Issues.

Contact Roku Customer Support Phone Number

If you try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above for particular issues, you would have definitely eradicated the issues which turned your streaming time into chaos.

Still struggling to get eradicate your issues? Don’t get anxious, just contact Roku Customer support Phone Number at +1-805-980-1700 to get professional help. It will be very helpful if you leave the device issues to someone who has prior experience in handling instead of fighting with it. Roku will solve the problems in minutes just like that.

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